About the smart idea of hydroponic windowfarming with a “silent and low power consumptions aquarium air pump”

in 2009 a few guys from New York ( http://www.windowfarms.org ) developed an exciting prototyp of  -let’s say- another vertical garden: The windowfarm. I’ve detected the concept a view weeks ago and therewhile i’ve built 1 line with 6+1 bottles (6 bottles for plants, 1 for water+nutrition reservoir) und 2 lines with 5+1 bottles, each of them with a height of 180 cm. Each bottle-line is a valve-controlled airlift system  with 4 mm diameter flexible tube. Before 2 days i’ve seeded a 5+1 line with  a salat-mix called Misticanza. But before i can tell you about my plants, i must tell you about the basic technologies of the construction, because i know, everyone will love it, if he’ll built it by himself.

There are also some photos und films at https://donauinsel.tk/index.php?/category/48 from my former prototypes. I use a 3,5 watt airpump with 2 separate adjustable air-exits. With additional adjustable T’s it is possible to airlift the water 4 times 180 cm (~ 70 inches) high, maybe more (6 farm-strings i hope). Because I’m a fan of cords (lanyards), my farms are hanging from the ceiling of my top. Until today I’ve only managed the technical issues, not the planting problems itself, because I’ve covered the Idea of windowfarming 4 weeks ago, but i really like it.

At least a podcast-video with sound…