Hello windowfarmers! Greetings from Vienna.

Welcome to my windowfarm blog. Here i’ll give you a step by step lesson how to build a windowfarm with 1,5 liter “Puntigamer Maxi” brown-colored beer bottles.  Why this bottles? Because of the beautiful shape and color.

First step: Drink the beer and be happy (this may take a while, but don’t hurry. From step 1 to step 9 you only need 1 bottle 😉 ).

Step 2: Clean the bottle inside with warm water while shaking it a while.

Step 3: Cover the half of the bottle with golden (or any other you like) color (the original windowfarm is painted white, because darker colors transports more heat inside the bottle). See also: http://www.windowfarms.org/

Step 4: Organize an electric soldering iron and a marking template (9 cm width, 10 cm height) for the plant-windows of the bottle

Step 5: Burn 13 holes with the hot iron (only 11 visible)

Step 6: Drill a 5,5cm hole in the bottom of the bottle.

Step 7: Cut out 2 windows for the plants with scissors. The burned holes will help you – some of them are the edges.

Step 8: 2 double-loops through the suspension holes.

Step 9: Repeat the steps as much as you need. My own window has a height of 180cm – I’ve to repeat – with these type of bottles – 7 times.

Step 10: Water-nutrition-bottle. burn 2×2 suspension-holes (0,6 cm), drill one 5,5 cm hole at the bottom and burn 2 opposite holes for airtube-input and water-output.

Because today is sunday, I cannot buy a air-injector (ball-needle from the sport-shop). So i must show you a former modell with a green bottle. The principles of constructions are the same.

reduce the diameter of  watertube with a 10 cm lighting wire at its end.

best practice: place the air-injector 12 until 18 cm from bottom inside the watertube. Join the two tubes together because of strain relief of the ballneedle – airinjector.

a video: airlift2

another video: airlift3

Step 11: Connect the 2 bottles together and make a cord-loop on each side to put them together. Use a normal knot for testing (left mouseklick to enlarge).

Klick left to have a short flight over another windowfarm (without plants – only a prototype).

OK – at last the windowfarm: 7 bottles with plants, one bottle with water and nutrition:

and here the first tomato-plant 11 days after seeding.

Valve-technique – a 2 way windowfarm airlift system

a video of a 2-way airlift windowfarm

Valve-technique – a 3 way windowfarm airlift system

the finish?

a windowfarm in Vienna

Video 2×3 Windowfarm

…to be continued…